As an Avanti Markets operator we offer state-of-the-art technology, unmatched customer service and the freshest products available.

Avendco is the only company in the Las Vegas Vending industry to use refrigerated vans in order to keep your food the freshest.


Having healthier options available shows your commitment to having a healthy workforce. Healthier employees mean a happier, more productive workforce.

Quick & Easy

We source the best quality packaged fresh food products. We stock and replenish the food as needed, and our product mix includes, a wide variety of salads, sandwiches, wraps, and snack and even vegan and vegetarian options.  With the Avanti Markets kiosk it’s  effortless to get a fresh healthy meal at your workplace.

Always Fresh

As a member of NAMA, we use their Fit Pick program to offer a healthy alternative to the traditional vending machine selections. We can also provide stickers to identify qualifying products meeting the nutritional standards for a balanced diet.

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